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Sensors commonly used in industry are input devices that provide output signals related to specific physical quantities. These enable one to monitor, analyze and process various changes that occur on industrial manufacturing sites, such as changes in temperature, motion, pressure, altitude, exterior, and safety. There is a suitable sensor type for almost every process or environmental condition.
Sensors used in industry monitor the performance of various processes and various aspects of machine operation, collecting data to determine normal baseline operating levels while also detecting very small fluctuations in that performance. The following will briefly introduce the types of sensors commonly used in industry.

Industrial Pressure Sensors by Category

Industrial Sensor Product Features

  • Realize Color DiscriminationPhotoelectric sensors have the characteristics of high resolution, short response time, long detection distance, and less restrictions on detection objects.
  • Long LastingThe proximity sensor can perform non-contact sensing detection, so it will not wear and damage the detection object, and there will be no sparks and noise. Since it is a non-contact output method, it has a long service life and has almost no impact on the life of the point.
  • Strong Anti-interference AbilityFor example, high temperature, vibration, high-voltage electrical pulse, etc., will interfere with the sensor signal. Industrial sensors must be able to resist various interferences generated in the manufacturing process.
  • Information FusionAt present, the definition of multi-sensor information fusion is more inclined to make full use of multi-sensor data resources of different time and space, and analyze, integrate, control and use the obtained observation data, and then realize corresponding decision-making and estimation, so that the system can obtain better results. sufficient information.
Expert Advice

Expert Advice

You only need to tell us your needs and tell us the products you need the sensor for. The measuring range of the required sensor, the input, and output range, the output mode, and the product use medium. In this way, we can provide you with professional advice on the right type of sensor and inform you of the benefits of your product to help your business.

Timely Delivery

Senmol has a wide variety of sensors to meet a variety of different application needs. And the sensor performance is good, the service is good, and the production is efficient. After confirming the order, we will arrange the production department in time for production, compare the timeliness of multiple export ports, and do our best to deliver the product to you as soon as possible

Timely Delivery
Perfect after-sales

Perfect After-sales

After receiving the sensor, if you encounter problems with its use, our professional technicians will answer the questions online 24 hours a day. If our products are upgraded in the future, we will inform you as soon as possible. Our timely after-sales benefits have been well received by most users.

Senmol | Sensor Industrial Products

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Senmol | Provide high-quality chip sensor products for auto and motorcycle accessories, household appliances, environmental monitoring, medical equipment, robots, atmospheric pressure monitoring, industrial automatic control, general intake pressure, and other industries.

Application Of Chip Sensors In Different Industries

1.Automotive pressure monitoring sensor900600

Auto & Motorcycle Accessories

There are many sensors on cars and motorcycles, and cars and motorcycles also rely on sensors to work. The sensors detect signals and feed them back to their computers, and the computers control the corresponding parts to work. If the sensor is damaged, the corresponding component will not work properly, and therefore the car and motorcycle will not work properly. The functions of these sensors vary, enabling field-testing, ease of use, peak recording capabilities, and automatic identification.

Industrial Automation Control Sensors 900600

Industrial Automatic Control

Industrial sensors cover nearly all sensor categories, including proximity, position, speed, level, temperature, force, and pressure. These products can be used in a very wide range of fields including industrial process control, energy, aviation, safety and security, automotive, healthcare, and building automation, to name a few. The industrial automatic control system realizes the integration of information management and automatic control through the induction, analysis, and arrangement of various information collected by sensors and local area networks through the industrial control computer, and can ensure the security of information through authority authentication.

4. Medical Devices Sensors900600

Medical Equipment

Medical sensors can be regarded as a set of information conversion devices, which convert the physiological information of the human body into electrical information that has a definite functional relationship with it. It occupies a very important position in many aspects and is a very comprehensive science and technology. The places that need to implement liquid leakage detection in the hospital are mainly concentrated in the air-conditioning room, the purification equipment room, the operating room, and the ICU. General medical sensors are classified as follows: implantable sensors, temporarily implanted in body cavity (or incision) sensors, in vitro sensors, sensors for external devices, edible sensors, displacement sensors, flow sensors, temperature sensors, velocity sensors, pressure sensors sensor, image sensor, etc.

2.Household Appliances Sensors900600

Household Appliances

Facing the gradual popularization and development of intelligent home networks, it becomes more urgent to introduce various sensors into home appliances. People hope that home appliances can increase the comfort of use, reduce energy and water consumption, facilitate cleaning, reduce noise and vibration, improve the quality of use, and realize complex intelligence. In recent years, new and improved microsensors have been used in washing machines and dishwashers, fans and vacuum cleaners, cookware, hair care appliances, and toasters.

1.Water Purification Pipeline Monitoring-Senmol 900600

Water Purification Pipeline Monitoring

High-level water quality in-situ analysis sensor, accurate and reliable monitoring results. Turbidity sensor is a low-cost sensor specially used in home appliances, mainly used for measuring the degree of water pollution in washing machines, dishwashers and other products. By measuring the degree of turbidity of the water to judge the cleanliness of the washed items, so as to determine the best washing time.

2.Building Water Supply-Senmol 900600

Building Water Supply

The working principle of the high-rise water supply equipment is to automatically adjust the number of running pumps and the speed of one pump according to the change of the user’s water consumption, so that the outlet pressure of the pump remains constant. Building Automation System (BAS) has been widely used in commercial and public buildings at this stage, in order to efficiently manage and control various mechanical and electrical equipment in the building, provide a comfortable environment for modern intelligent buildings, and at the same time make rational use of equipment and save energy, Save manpower and ensure the safe operation of equipment.
The overall functions of BAS can be summarized as: process control automation centered on optimal control of building equipment; equipment management automation centered on operating status monitoring and calculation; energy management automation centered on energy-saving operation; Always be in a comfortable and pleasant environment.

3.Hydraulic Control-Senmol 900600

Hydraulic Control

Hydraulic sensor is the most commonly used pressure sensor in industrial practice. It is widely used in various industrial automation environments, involving oil pipelines, water conservancy and hydropower, railway transportation, intelligent buildings, production automation, aerospace, military industry, petrochemicals, oil wells, electric power , ships, machine tools, hydraulic machinery and many other industries.

4.Water Pump-Senmol 900600

Water Pump

The water pump pressure sensor is a device or device that can sense the pressure signal and convert the pressure signal into a usable output electrical signal according to certain rules. Pressure sensors are usually composed of pressure sensitive elements and signal processing units. According to the different types of test pressure, pressure sensors can be divided into gauge pressure sensors, differential pressure sensors and pressure sensors.

5.Fire Pipeline-Senmol 900600

Fire Pipeline

Firefighting is an extremely dangerous and complex job, and firefighters are always faced with life-threatening situations during the firefighting process, especially when performing tasks indoors. In order to improve the efficiency of fire fighting and ensure the safety of operators at the same time, it is necessary to accurately track and locate the movement of each firefighter. Thereby obtaining its current location and orientation information for better monitoring management and scheduling. In the positioning equipment for firefighters, sensing components such as acceleration sensors, gyroscopes, magnetic sensors and air pressure sensors are currently used to achieve the purpose of tracking and positioning by the principle of inertial motion measurement.

6.Internet Of Things-Senmol 900600

Internet Of Things

Sensors belong to the nerve endings of the Internet of Things, and become the core components for humans to perceive nature in an all-round way. The large-scale deployment and application of various sensors is an indispensable basic condition for the Internet of Things. We provide different sensors for different applications, covering smart industry, smart security, smart home, smart transportation, smart medical care, etc.

7.Construction Machinery-Senmol 900600

Construction Machinery

Sensors are the key carriers for all mechanical equipment to obtain information and data, especially equipment that requires automatic computer control, such as position sensors used in automatic excavation equipment in mining machinery, and liquid level sensors used in automatic oil conveying equipment in oilfield machinery. The control of a production node requires sensors to transmit data accurately.

8.Air Compressor-Senmol 900600

Air Compressor

In the air compressor control system, the pressure sensor installed on the air outlet pipe at the rear end of the air compressor is used to control the pressure of the air compressor. When the air compressor starts, the loading solenoid valve is closed, the loading cylinder does not act, and the inverter drives the motor to run without load. If the back-end gas-using equipment stops using gas, the compressed air pressure in the back-end pipeline and the air storage tank gradually increases. When the upper limit of the pressure is reached, the pressure sensor sends an unloading signal, the loading solenoid valve stops working, and the air inlet The filter is closed and the motor runs without load.

9.Water Level Measurement-Senmol 900600

Water Level Measurement

Water level sensor refers to an instrument that can convert the water level parameter of the measured point into a corresponding power signal in real time. Its working principle is: the water level sensor in the container transmits the sensed water level signal to the controller, and the computer in the controller compares the measured water level signal with the set signal to obtain the deviation, and then according to the nature of the deviation, to the controller. The water supply electric valve issues “open” and “close” commands to ensure that the container reaches the set water level.

10.Instrumentation-Senmol 900600


The application of sensors and intelligent instruments in the power industry is shown in the following aspects: First, the application in thermal power generation. During the operation of thermal power plants, it is necessary to measure different types of media, such as sewage, industrial water, circulating water, and coal. Second, the application of hydropower industry. It can complete the comprehensive monitoring of non-electrical parameters such as temperature, rotation speed, pressure, liquid level and displacement of the public system, and can realize various functions such as over-limit alarm and sequence control according to the set limit value. In addition, some hydropower plants also need to set up instruments for monitoring during the construction of dams, mainly dynamic monitoring instruments, concrete stress-strain and temperature monitoring instruments.

11.Cleanroom-Senmol 900600


Clean room, also known as clean room or quiet room, is very important for enterprises, especially some high-tech enterprises such as pharmaceuticals and electronics are more prominent. It is a room with air filtration, distribution, optimization, construction materials and devices, and is the basis for contamination and cross-contamination control, in which specific standard operating procedures are used to control the concentration of airborne particles and planktonic bacteria to achieve an appropriate cleanliness level. The main function of the clean room is to control the material. The air contacted by the product includes temperature and humidity, so that the product has a good production and storage space.




Senmol has its own design and R&D base, a single office building, and several semi-automatic and fully automatic production lines. Many researchers and operators. It has offices in Wuxi and Shenzhen respectively.


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What is the minimum order quantity of the product?

The minimum order quantity is 1000PCS for chip products, 500PCS for module products, and 100PCS for whole parts products (automotive and industrial products).

How are the products packaged?

We will choose the appropriate packaging material according to the quantity and size, and use foam to fill the outer box, and the external reinforcement with waterproof material to ensure that your products will be safe in the transportation process.

How long is the delivery time of the products?

Our product delivery time is usually 3 to 4 weeks. In the case of ODM products, the specific time according to the communication between the technical staff and you shall prevail.

What is the after-sales service of Senmol?

If you encounter problems with the use of the product, there will be our professional technicians online 24 hours a day to answer questions.
If there are quality problems there will be our senior customer service specialists online 24 hours a day to deal with you.

Can I get a refund or return the product if there is a quality problem?

Quality problems caused by non-human factors can be replenished after sending back the product analysis to confirm the problem.