Senmol Pressure Sensor Module 

As a simple and convenient sensor solution platform, the sensor module can be easily integrated into various applications, saving time-to-market and reducing the cost of indoor air quality solution manufacturers. For example, Senmol's SO8 packaged piezoresistive silicon pressure sensor chip uses silicon-silicon bonding technology to provide a voltage output signal proportional to pressure. The chip adopts a special design to realize the electrical shielding of the chip, and the unique optimization design technology ensures the accurate measurement of the chip for various applications.

Pressure Sensor Module by Category

Sensor Module Product Features

  • Low CostControl the cost of sensitive chip/component processing, packaging/assembly, inspection/testing, etc. steps.
  • Constant Current Source Power SupplyThe constant current source circuit is mainly composed of an input stage and an output stage.
  • StabilityThe chip has good comprehensive precision and stability.
  • SensitivityHigh sensitivity, it is convenient to use op amp or integrated circuit to debug the output.
Expert Advice

Expert Advice

You only need to tell us your needs and tell us the products you need the sensor for. The measuring range of the required sensor, the input, and output range, the output mode, and the product use medium. In this way, we can provide you with professional advice on the right type of sensor and inform you of the benefits of your product to help your business.

Timely Delivery

Senmol has a wide variety of sensors to meet a variety of different application needs. And the sensor performance is good, the service is good, and the production is efficient. After confirming the order, we will arrange the production department in time for production, compare the timeliness of multiple export ports, and do our best to deliver the product to you as soon as possible

Timely Delivery
Perfect after-sales

Perfect After-sales

After receiving the sensor, if you encounter problems with its use, our professional technicians will answer the questions online 24 hours a day. If our products are upgraded in the future, we will inform you as soon as possible. Our timely after-sales benefits have been well received by most users.

Senmol | Sensor Module Products

Customization Options, Pricing, Availability Or Other Details

Senmol | Provide high-quality Sensor module products for auto and motorcycle accessories, household appliances, environmental monitoring, medical equipment, robots, atmospheric pressure monitoring, industrial automatic control, general intake pressure, and other industries.

Application Of Sensor Module In Different Industries

1.Automotive pressure monitoring sensor900600

Auto & Motorcycle Accessories

There are many sensors on cars and motorcycles, and cars and motorcycles also rely on sensors to work. The sensors detect signals and feed them back to their computers, and the computers control the corresponding parts to work. If the sensor is damaged, the corresponding component will not work properly, and therefore the car and motorcycle will not work properly. The functions of these sensors vary, enabling field-testing, ease of use, peak recording capabilities, and automatic identification.

2.Household Appliances Sensors900600

Household Appliances

Facing the gradual popularization and development of intelligent home networks, it becomes more urgent to introduce various sensors into home appliances. People hope that home appliances can increase the comfort of use, reduce energy and water consumption, facilitate cleaning, reduce noise and vibration, improve the quality of use, and realize complex intelligence. In recent years, new and improved microsensors have been used in washing machines and dishwashers, fans and vacuum cleaners, cookware, hair care appliances, and toasters.

4. Medical Devices Sensors900600

Medical Equipment

Medical sensors can be regarded as a set of information conversion devices, which convert the physiological information of the human body into electrical information that has a definite functional relationship with it. It occupies a very important position in many aspects and is a very comprehensive science and technology. The places that need to implement liquid leakage detection in the hospital are mainly concentrated in the air-conditioning room, the purification equipment room, the operating room, and the ICU. General medical sensors are classified as follows: implantable sensors, temporarily implanted in body cavity (or incision) sensors, in vitro sensors, sensors for external devices, edible sensors, displacement sensors, flow sensors, temperature sensors, velocity sensors, pressure sensors sensor, image sensor, etc.

6.Atmospheric pressure monitoring sensor900600

Barometric Pressure Monitoring

The main sensing element of the barometric pressure sensor is a pressure-sensitive membrane connected to a flexible resistor. Since the gas pressure propagates isotopically, the pressure change is transmitted to the inside of the sensor through the circular hole above the sensor. As the pressure inside the sensor increases, the air is compressed and the temperature rises instantaneously, which is then sensed inside the sensor. Therefore, it can also be understood that the sensor mainly senses the internal temperature change, but when the temperature reaches a certain level, the sensor will no longer respond.

1.Engine Oil Pressure Sensor -Senmol

Engine Oil Pressure Sensor

The function of the engine oil pressure sensor is to detect the size of the engine oil pressure, which is generally screwed in the oil passage of the cylinder block through screws. It can monitor the oil pressure state of the vehicle in real time. When the oil pressure is insufficient, the pressure sensor will transmit an electrical signal to the ECU, and the ECU will light up the fault light to inform the driver.

2.Water Pressure Sensor-Senmol900600

Water Pressure Sensor

As the name suggests, the water level sensor is a sensor used to detect the liquid level and realize the liquid level control function. When the water level in the water tank is lower than the predetermined water level, the sensor gives a signal, and the water pump starts to add water automatically. When the water level reaches a certain high water level, the water pump will stop adding water, and there must always be water in the water tank. It will not overflow, very practical and convenient. The liquid level sensor has the advantages of fast response speed, high liquid level control accuracy, small size, small space occupation, long life and convenient installation. Water level sensors are widely used in home appliances, water plants, wells, commercial equipment, industrial equipment, medical equipment, etc.

3.Urea Pressure Sensor_-Senmol900600

Urea Pressure Sensor

In order to reduce the emission of harmful gases in diesel engine exhaust, SCR (selective reduction) exhaust gas treatment technology is widely used in the world, and the ammonia gas decomposed from the aqueous urea solution for vehicles is used to react with nitrogen oxides Nox to generate pollution-free nitrogen N2 and Water H2O. Therefore, after diesel, gasoline and lubricating oil, urea for vehicles has become the fourth necessities of diesel vehicles, mainly used in trucks and passenger cars.

4.Refrigerant Pressure Sensor-Senmol900600

Refrigerant Pressure Sensor

The refrigerant (refrigerant) in the air conditioner has a high working frequency, and some refrigerants are flammable and explosive. Therefore, a pressure sensor is usually installed on the high-pressure pipeline between the air conditioner compressor and the condenser. According to the size of the refrigerant pressure Detect the amount of refrigerant and the operation of the compressor, and cooperate with the temperature sensor to control the operation and shutdown of the air conditioning system.

5.Pressure Test Instrument Meter Sensor-Senmol900600

Pressure Test Instrument Meter Sensor

The pressure sensor is one of the most commonly used sensors in industrial practice. Generally, the output of an ordinary pressure sensor is an analog signal, or in a continuous time interval, the output is a digital signal. The commonly used pressure sensors are mainly made of piezoelectric effect, and such sensors are also called piezoelectric sensors.

6.Pipeline Pressure Sensor-Senmol900600

Pipeline Pressure Sensor

Pipeline pressure sensors are the most commonly used sensors in industrial practice. It is widely used in a variety of industrial automation environments, including water conservancy and hydropower, railway transportation, intelligent buildings, production automation, aerospace, military, petrochemical, oil well, power, marine, and in many industries, such as machine tools and pipelines, is variable frequency and Necessary accessories in the field of constant pressure water supply.

7.Industrial Automation Control Sensors 900600

Industrial Automatic Control

Industrial sensors cover nearly all sensor categories, including proximity, position, speed, level, temperature, force, and pressure. These products can be used in a very wide range of fields including industrial process control, energy, aviation, safety and security, automotive, healthcare, and building automation, to name a few. The industrial automatic control system realizes the integration of information management and automatic control through the induction, analysis, and arrangement of various information collected by sensors and local area networks through the industrial control computer, and can ensure the security of information through authority authentication.




Senmol has its own design and R&D base, a single office building, and several semi-automatic and fully automatic production lines. Many researchers and operators. It has offices in Wuxi and Shenzhen respectively.


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What is the minimum order quantity of the product?

The minimum order quantity is 1000PCS for chip products, 500PCS for module products, and 100PCS for whole parts products (automotive and industrial products).

How are the products packaged?

We will choose the appropriate packaging material according to the quantity and size, and use foam to fill the outer box, and the external reinforcement with waterproof material to ensure that your products will be safe in the transportation process.

How long is the delivery time of the products?

Our product delivery time is usually 3 to 4 weeks. In the case of ODM products, the specific time according to the communication between the technical staff and you shall prevail.

What is the after-sales service of Senmol?

If you encounter problems with the use of the product, there will be our professional technicians online 24 hours a day to answer questions.
If there are quality problems there will be our senior customer service specialists online 24 hours a day to deal with you.

Can I get a refund or return the product if there is a quality problem?

Quality problems caused by non-human factors can be replenished after sending back the product analysis to confirm the problem.